5 Popular Smartphone Accessories You Can’t Live Without July 09 2014

You use your smartphone for work, shopping, play and a long list of other daily activities. For something that did not exist a few years ago, it is surprising how smartphones have become such an integral part of our lives today. It’s hard to imagine going a day without these gadgets. For all that they do for us, smartphones deserve some pampering and care which you can give them by investing in these 5 must-have smartphone accessories.

#1 Smartphone Cases and Holsters

No matter how much you love your gadget, it is subject to certain degree of abuse which can leave it tainted with scratches and unsightly marks. Prove your love for your smartphone by getting it a smartphone case or holster that will keep the gadget safe and secure. Smartphone cases come in a variety of color and design options to choose from. But you can always go that extra mile to buy an over sizefad smartphone holster with belt clip that provides a hands-free solution, with quick access and added protection.

#2 Wired Headsets

Driving with one hand while holding your smartphone in the other to attend calls is considered a legal offense in most parts of the world. Stay safe and out of trouble by investing in a pair of hands-free headsets. They too come in a range of styles and colors and vary greatly in price, depending on the brand.

#3 Bluetooth Accessories

When it comes to hands-free convenience, nothing compares to Bluetooth technology. Listen to your favorite songs while running on the treadmill, enhance voice clarity in noisy places or free up your hands while cooking, cleaning or doing any other chore.

#4 Chargers and Docks

These charging accessories will help keep your smartphone juiced up while at home or on the go. Some chargers allow to power two devices at a time while others may come with a touch-activated LED to locate the phone’s port easily in the dark.

#5 Other Smart Accessories

While writing this blog, more than 5 accessories were coming to mind and each one seemed equally important so here’s a quick list of the rest of the must-haves:

 Screen protector
 microSD memory cards
 Spare batteries
 Smartphone car-mounts for GPS navigation
 Screen cleaners and cloth