Make Your Cell Phone Batteries Last Longer With These Clever Tricks July 10 2014

You keep your smartphone glued to your hands all day playing games, downloading apps, listening to music or texting friends, and then you complain that the battery drains out too quickly. Well, you’re not alone in this dilemma. While you can’t forgo any of the above activities, there are some easy tips you can follow to make your smartphone battery last longer.

Dim the Brightness

Smartphones are getting bigger with every new model – the larger the screen, the more battery it uses to stay lit. Try daylight saving for your phone – change the settings to minimum brightness, just vivid enough to keep the screen easily visible.

Turn Off the Screen

If you are listening to music or making a phone call, you don’t really need to look at your phone so lock the screen to save battery.

Disable Push Notifications

You love Twitter, and Twitter loves to drain your battery – not the ideal symbiotic relationship. Turn off all the push notifications or at least change settings such that they occur less frequently. You can always check the social networks manually.

Turn Off Unused Radio

By that, we don’t mean your FM radio – by unused radio, we mean Bluetooth and Wi-Fi which absorb the juice from your phone faster than you can imagine. If you are not transferring files using Bluetooth or are not in an area where free Wi-Fi is available, turn them off and it will greatly prolong the life of your battery.

Turn Off Vibration and Key Tones

If you can live without your phone buzzing and tinkling at every tap of the finger, switch them off immediately.

Close Unused Apps

Unused apps open in the background consume considerable amount of battery. If you’re not currently using an app, remember to shut it down to save battery.

Don’t Search for a Signal

Your phone will persistently try to catch a signal in an area with poor reception. Turn off your phone or switch it to airplane mode in dead zones.

Keep it Cool

Heat is one of the fiercest enemies of the battery – whether smartphone or laptop. Do not leave your phone in your car on a hot summer day or outside where it might be exposed to direct sunlight. Also, buy breathable smartphone cases (like our leather ones!) as they dissipate the heat efficiently and keep your phone cool!