The Many Different Types of Smartphone Cases July 12 2014

The many diverse types of smartphone cases available in the market are usually intended to provide protection to the phone as well as add aesthetic appeal. These cases come in a variety of color, style and design options; price can vary greatly depending on the material.

Here is a list of some most common types of smartphone cases:

Polycarbonate Cases

Polycarbonate is a thick, durable plastic and a common material for smartphone cases. Apart from toys and storage containers, the material is also used to manufacture bulletproof glass, so you can be assured that it will protect your phone against the strongest of impacts. Even though they are strong, polycarbonate cases are lightweight, so your pocket or purse won’t be weighed down.

Plastic Cases

Plastic smartphone cases are the cheapest and most popular in the category. They offer sufficient protection against bumps and scratches because they absorb the shock of fall or impact. These durable and inexpensive cases come in a large variety of colors and design so you can dress up your phone everyday in a new case to match your dress or mood.

Carbon Fiber Cases

Less bulky than polycarbonate, carbon fiber smartphone cases are very strong, durable and lightweight safeguarding your phone against any damage. If you have butter fingers, a carbon fiber case is a must-have for you as it will protect the device from falls on even hard tile or concrete – falls that can damage the screen and take your breath away. As they offer better protection than plastic, carbon fiber cases are a tad bit more expensive.

Silicone Cases

Silicone cases are probably the most popular type of smartphone cases among young adults. The gel-like supple skin stretches on the phone’s body like a glove, making them a less bulky option that will easily slip in a pocket or small purse. They usually come in bright, neon colors making them a Y-generation favorite, but can also be found colors like black, blue, and white. Silicone cases have inherent anti-slip properties that reduce chances of the phone slipping through your fingers. In case of a fall, they prove to be good shock absorbers, protecting well against minor dings.

Metal Cases

If you want to give an industrial look to your smart phone, you might like the sleek and futuristic metal smartphone cases. Made from aluminum, these cases are stronger and more durable and provide guaranteed protection against shock on impact.

Leather Cases

We save the best for the last! Leather smartphone cases are a popular choice among people who want aesthetics, personality and functionality all in one. Just as any other leather item, leather cases are a style statement in themselves. Their sleek appearance, glossy texture and neat finishing supplement the value of an expensive smartphone. Leather is durable, breathable and strong to provide protection in case the phone slips through your hands.

Leather cases also come with belt clip that will let you attach the phone to your belt, keeping it within hands reach.