Can Smartphone Cases Really Protect Your Phone? November 22 2014

There are numerous types of smartphone cases present in the market: there are colorful cases, then there are hard ones, there are thick cases and then you have those squishy ones along the mix of the thin and clear cases.

Some people use a case to protect their expensive smartphone while others use it to increase the visual appeal of their phone. However, there remains a small population of the smartphone clientele, which naively still doubts the effectiveness of a smartphone case.

So, the question remains, can smartphone cases really protect your phone?

Use your brain, think science!

With a brittle display and a rigid body, your smartphone does not have an extra pair of lungs to absorb force during an impact. Science tells us that as soon as an entity encounters impact, its dissipating energy needs to be consumed by some source or otherwise it will be transferred to the entity.

This is what happens when a smartphone falls to the ground – if it does not have a protective layer that can absorb the energy created by the impact of the fall, the energy will transfer to the phone causing damage.

Phones with protective covers are more likely to resist a fall and cause lesser damage to the phone as compared to the phones that remain naked. It is not a shocker; it is just science!

Now that we have scientifically proved that a case can protect your phone, following are the top three reasons why we think everyone should use a smartphone case:

1- Resale value

Everyone is concerned about money, and when the owner of an expensive smartphone sets foot to sell it; he/she is expecting a good selling price. If you have protected your device with a smartphone leather case since you got your hands on it, expect to enjoy a great resale value as your phone will have the least amount of scratches.

2- Lesser depression

If you are using a smart phone case, you will not have a heart attack in case you drop it from your hand, as you will know that there is a protective layer present to guard your phone.

For ladies: If you are applying blush and powder is dropped to your phone, you will not have to worry that the powder will stick to the display and will cause problems in the ‘touch’ sensor.

3- It looks great

Through smart phone covers, you can add in your own personal style to your phone and let the world see it. Most users these days even get their smart phone covers customized to make their phones reflect a part of their personality.