Is the HTC One M8 Really That Great? November 21 2014

HTC, once again, launched its unique, sleek, and stylish metallic mix of technology and functionality with the HTC One M8 a few months back. Essentially an upgrade to the original HTC One, the improvements in this one are just mind blowing.

1. Two cameras, double the pleasure.

Ever heard of a smartphone with two cameras on its back? Enter the One M8. These cameras do a lot more than 3D image clicking; the primary camera is built with 4 mega-pixels and is situated right below the smaller secondary camera.

It only takes 0.3 seconds to fire away with clicking images as it focuses really fast. Do you want a flying picture of yourself one foot above the ground? You do not need a DSLR for that anymore; the One M8 will fix you right up.

Also, this new duo camera technology makes this phone the top pick as the best selfie smartphone.

2. Do the focus fixing after clicking the picture

Ever thought you should have focused on the new necklace or a hat you are wearing in a picture AFTER clicking it? With the new HTC ONE, you can! With its UFocus effect, you can adjust the focus in a picture after it is clicked. However, this may not be suitable for all kind of images.

3. Dance away with the BoomSound

The dual front facing BoomSound speakers of the new HTC ONE are 25% louder compared to the phone’s older version. HTC has really created an aural wonder with this one.

4. The metallic beauty

The One M8 is created with 90% intense metal, which gives it a look no other smartphone has in the market. The earlier HTC had plastic on the sides while the new one is wrapped up with beautiful metal throughout.

5. Revolutionary hardware

Allowing a speed of 2.3GHz, this new technology in the smartphone industry is equipped with Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 system chip. Heavy game apps will work like a dream in this smartphone without a single jerk.

6. Expandable memory

Store unlimited songs, pictures, videos and apps with up to 128GB of expandable microSD memory. With this kind of storage speed, you can also enjoy watching movies on the go. Rest assured, it will be a graphic treat for your eyes!