The Next Samsung Galaxy- Expectations and Rumors November 21 2014

The rumors of the Samsung Galaxy S6 coming out earlier than usual are in the air as this topic is the latest talk of the tech town.

Although the company has not yet released any details officially on the technical specifications of this device, but there are numerous features that users are expecting from this smartphone.

Early expectations

Samsung had raised the expectations of its users through claiming last November in Korea that its phones, which will be released in late 2014, will have 2560 x 1440 pixel WQHD display screens. This came true with Note 4, which has increased the interest of the audience more in the next Samsung Galaxy to be launched.

It is being expected that the new in line of Samsung Galaxy will go beyond the 1080p Full HD viewing of S5.

Samsung had claimed earlier that will introduce a 3,840 x 2,160 pixel UHD screen display in its smart phone which is to be launched in 2015. The recent buzz has it that the Samsung does not plan Samsung Galaxy S6 to have such a screen and therefore instead of releasing it in early 2015, it will release the phone in late 2014. Rumors also suggest that S6 will copy the QHD display of LG G3.

Samsung’s inclination towards AMOLED displays has also increased the expectations of the users of a better battery life in the upcoming smart phones.

Users are also expecting Samsung to live up to its brand name by using premium materials and modern design after the financial failure of S5. Samsung users really expect the company to work on a different design and give them something unique.

With rising competition from HTC and Apple phones, Samsung itself has promised to make important improvements in its future handsets.

Insiders have reported to Chinese media about the new look of Samsung Galaxy S6. The reports suggest that S6 will have a modern metal design with a premium look and a luxurious appeal.

Users also expect the company to work on the construction issues, which were faced in Galaxy Note 4.

Rumors have it

After the launch of iPhone 6, the rumor mills suggested that Samsung Galaxy S6 will also have a flexible and curved display and not to mention will have a larger display size as compared to its forerunners. It is expected that S6 will have a 5.2 to 5.3-inches large display.

Also, you can expect the S6 to be completely plastic-free. Rumors suggest that Samsung is planning on using graphene as a core material to build up the design.