Thinking about Upgrading to The iPhone 6? November 18 2014

Are you confused about upgrading to iPhone 6? Do you fear it will be a waste of money?

We present to you the following top reasons of upgrading to iPhone 6 and the ways in which this updated phone is a lot better than the older iPhones:

Mobile Payments

Apple Pay is not only a new feature in iPhone 6 but is also a revolutionary concept that can probably change the way people pay their bills. As more outlets and businesses start accepting this form of payment, it will be trending.

Stronger Screen

Recent research has shown that the new screens of the latest iPhone 6 and 6 Plus are more durable as compared to the previous iPhones. The screen is ionized by replacing sodium ions with potassium ions, making it a lot sturdier than glass.

Larger Size

The bigger screen of the latest iPhone is not only gaining popularity among teenagers but also among executives and businesspeople. Users have reportedly said that it is more enjoyable to play games and stream video on the larger screen.

Thinner Form

The new iPhone is thinner, sleeker, and lighter. The only aspect, which has defamed it on the social media circles, is its alleged bending problem.

Faster WiFi and Processor

The A8 chip manufactured by Apple is the latest invention, exclusive to the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus. This makes these devices super fast. Also, with built-in LTE wireless, you can expect to browse the internet and download a lot faster.

Larger Screen Size

iPhone 5 and 5S had 4-inch displays whereas iPhone 6 Plus sports a 5.5 inch screen and iPhone 6 a 4.7 inch screen. Users looking for larger screen sizes will definitely enjoy the new iPhone.

Longer Battery Life

With the iPhone 6 series, the talk time on 3G networks has been increased to 14 hours for iPhone 6 as compared to 10 hours talk time in iPhone 5C and 5S. IPhone 6 Plus has extended the talk time on 3G networks to up to 24 hours and you can keep this device on standby for up to 16 days. Isn’t that just amazing?

Audio Messages

Audio messaging is introduced in iPhone 6 as a core feature of the smartphone experience. Instead of sending a text message, you can send an audio message, which will be received and heard by anyone who owns iPhone 6 or 6 Plus.