Best Ways to Protect Your New iPhone November 18 2014

Don’t break it!

Feel free to scoff at the obviousness of the above statement, however, not breaking your iPhone is easier said than done. From scratches and dents to screen breakage, iPhones have great aptitude when it comes to getting damaged.

Although, by taking a few simple safety measures, you can ensure that your iPhone will not only stay protected but will also remain like new until a very long time.

Following are some of the most basic ways in which you can ensure the protection of your iPhone:


The first accessory that you should buy for your iPhone is a case. Be it a plastic slider case or a leather iPhone holster - you need to give some physical protection to your precious device.

A sliding case can protect the back of your phone with its plastic material and is light in weight as well, which makes it easy to carry around. It protects the phone against scratches and provides impact resistance as well.

On the other hand, leather holsters can provide complete protection to your iPhone, ensuring that your iPhone remains in top-notch condition for as long as you use it. Some people use it to protect their iPhones when they are not using it, although you can easily use your phone by simply sliding it upwards from the holster.

Holsters that are made from genuine leather not only do a great job at protecting your phone but they also look incredibly sleek and stylish.

Screen protector

You can use anti-glare screen (screen protector) on your iPhone to ensure that you do not scratch or smudge the screen. Make sure that bubbles are not formed when putting up the screen protector- a credit card might come in handy to ensure this.

If you have an iPhone 6, it is recommended that you use a glass screen protector to ensure that your phone screen is not damaged. Glass screen protectors are easy to put as they are created out of a solid material.

Universal Dock

iPhones are mostly damaged while charging; a universal dock is therefore a great accessory to ensure that your phone remains protected. It keeps an iPhone in an upright position while charging, decreasing the chances of it being damaged.

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