Bigger Phones: Are Leather Pouch Holsters The Answer? April 01 2015

With broadened size of smartphones, the use and benefits of holsters have increased over the years. They are not only convenient to use, but also protect your phone more appropriately.

Among various designs, leather pouch holsters are the best option for mobile phones users who are seeking a handy solution to keep their big phones safe and secure. This type is popular among masses for its simple and classy design as well as the variety in styles and materials.

Here are few reasons why leather pouch holsters are the best solution for your smartphones.


Due to the bigger size of smartphones, it seems impossible for most of us to keep our phones in pocket. On the other hand, when carrying phone in hands, it is common to place a phone somewhere and then forget where you set it. With a holster, there are zero chances of accidentally losing your phone.

Convenience of Use

For those who use their phones frequently, leather holsters allow quick removal of phone from the pouch without dropping it.

Besides, with cell phone holster, you do not need to search through your purse or bag to find your phone. Placing the cell phone in the holster may let you keep your phone within an arm’s reach.


Leather holsters are slim and lightweight due to which they can be carried quite easily. Besides, when attached to your leather belt, they are barely noticeable.

Simple and Elegant Design

Leather pouch holsters feature simple and elegant designs that typically offer protection to the whole device rather than part of it. Being free from fussy compartments and poor grip, they keep your phone safe and protected even if the holster is dropped.


Pouch holsters offer versatility to let you use them with a variety of phones. You can simply buy a design that offers a reasonable size and use it with a variety of phone.

Aesthetic Appeal

Leather is certainly the most preferred choice of people looking for both functionality and elegant look. The various designs and forms of leather look effortlessly trendy, conveying the classic charm and elegant style.


Leather pouch holsters are weatherproof and offer complete protection even when you are in extreme cold weather. Make sure to use a high quality leather holster to ensure complete safety of your phone.

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