How the Cold Affects your Smartphone April 03 2015

Do you know that your mobile phone suffers equally as you when exposed to cold? It is certainly surprising to know that falling temperatures can severely affect the performance of your smartphone.

Although smartphones can withstand cold, extreme temperature of about -40 Degrees, can have an adverse affect on it. If you live in a cold region, you may expect the following issues in your smartphoneif the temperature gets too low.

Display Issues

Smartphones with LCD displays are more prone to damages than AMOLED displays. The LCD display phones may delay touch response as well as smudge the colors and texts in extreme cold. This can also affect other functions and make your phone unusable.

Besides this, the cold weather also has an impact on the quality of the screen. If your phone drops, the screen is more likely to damage immediately as the cold makes the panel rigid.

Battery Drain

It is one of the most immediate affect on a mobile phone that is exposed to the cold. The cold tends to slow down the chemical reaction in the battery thus slowing down your phone. Your device may shut down any time draining the battery. Moreover, in some cases, cold temperature can completely destroy the battery making it unusable.

Physical Damage

Extreme cold can freez the components in your smartphone, both internal and external and they can snap off easily. Sometimes, these damages can be irreversible thus, making your device useless.

Internal Errors

Extreme cold can affect the performance of internal components significantly. The device may have difficulty reading the SIM card or processing other information and commands which may lead to difficulty in using the phone.

Tips for Protecting Your Phone

  • Avoid using your phone in cold weather. It is better to keep the phone in your purse, pocket, or jacket when you go outside.
  • Use gloves when handling a smartphone in the cold. This will also prevent you from dropping the phone due to numbness.
  • Don’t leave your phone in your cold vehicle for an extended period of time. This can permanently damage it.
  • Always carry a battery bank with you for backup in case your phone runs out of juice.
  • Use a good quality weather-proof and shock resistant mobile phone case.

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