Worried about iPhone 6 Bending? Get a Protective Case from CASE123 April 05 2015

The iPhone 6 Plus is a one of a kind phone that is the epitome of Apple’s philosophy of high quality and attention to detail. Although with this super-sized version iPhone has introduced the most innovative style to date, some users are naturally concerned due to its propensity to bend out of shape.

Considering this issue, CASE123 has launched a collection of creative covers and cases that adjust with the curve of the phone and keep your iPhone safe and secure. Here is what you can find in our iPhone 6 Plus protective cases.


The leather cases of CASE123 are made of flexible leather which can adjust to the shape of the phone. With our cases, you can comfortably sit, walk, or work without damaging it or your phone.

Better Grip

iPhone 6 Plus is a little more slippery than previous models so, it needs a case that provides a firm grip and better security. The CASE123 leather cases fit the curved frame of the phone like a glove, keeping its shape and design intact, and adding the much needed grip and better protection to your phone.

Convenience of Use

The leather cases by CASE123 are soft and can be slipped on and removed conveniently. Moreover, you can also clean the case using a damp cloth and make it look new in no time.

Aesthetic Appeal

Leather is a high quality material; our well-craftedCASE123’s leather cases are designed to add a unique elegance to your phone. Besides, these cases can perfectly suit any occasion or event to compliment your personal style.

Great Value

Although leather cases are a bit expensive than silicon and metal cases, they are worth the price and an excellent option due to their greater value. It is certainly a onetime investment to give reliable protection to your expensive gadget.

Shock Resistance

The high-grade leather cases of CASE123 are resistant to shock and impacts. With this case on, you do not have to worry if you are a bit clumsy with your phone. Our cases will protect it from damage.

To give guaranteed external security to your phone, try one of our iPhone cases today. To buy our product, check out our collection now. iPhone 6 plus leather cases