Protecting Your Phone from the Cold April 06 2015

Extreme cold can be difficult to bear, especially for those living in the northern areas of the country. In cold season, it’s not just yourself you have to worry about; your smartphone also needs special attention to withstand cold winds and low temperature of winter.

The dropping temperatures that tend to freeze the entire country are not kind to your phones and tablets. However, by taking special care of your phone, you can protect your mobile device safe frm damage. If you are wondering how you can protect your phone from the cold, read on.

Keep a Backup

Extreme cold can damage your phone’s battery life. Due to this reason, it is important that you keep your phone or tablet fully charged when you plan to use the phone in freezing temperatures. Another way to avoid inconvenience is keeping a car charger in your vehicle all the time to charge your phone as soon as the battery is drained.

Limit the Use of Phone in the Cold

The best way to avoid failure is limiting the use of your cell phone when you are outside in the cold. Besides reducing the battery life, extreme cold can crack your phone’s screen. Therefore, when you are outside, keep your phone tucked in the pocket of your warm coat to avoid a costly loss.

Avoid Leaving Your Phone in the Vehicle

You may have had the experience of getting back to your car after few hours of shopping only to find out that you left your phone in the car which is now powered off. In order to avoid such situations, always make sure that you carry your mobile phone with you wherever you go out during the winter season.

Use a Good Quality Mobile Phone Case

Smartphone cases have proved their significance in recent years. Now, it is one of the most essential accessories for mobile phone users. Considering the use and significance of your phone as well as the weather which your phone is usually exposed to, you should invest in a good quality weatherproof phone case to protect your phone. The weatherproof case or covering keeps your phone warm and safe in all seasons.

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