3 Craziest iPhone Covers May 21 2015

iPhone is one of the greatest marvels of the 21st Century. If you own one, why not enclose it in a unique and atypical cell phone cases rather than a simple, usual covering.

As iPhone continues to emerge as a distinctive device, phone case manufacturers are getting more and more creative, offering iPhone covers with unconventional and wacky looks. Not only do these covers grace your cell phone with innovative shells, but they also let you express the crazier side of you. Here are our top picks of the iPhone cases that break the norms.

1.     Stun Gun

The Yellow Jacket™ iPhone cover features a high voltage stun gun concealed inside the case that can produce a painful sting of 18,000 volt whenever someone tries to get too close to your phone. In addition, the revamped version for the iPhone 5s offers more protective features, including increased voltage, increased amperage, dual safety mechanism, detachable stun gun pack, and LED battery indicators.

The cover’s two piece construction allows you to remove the stun gun portion when you want to keep it away from kids. This cover is effective as well as appealing for those looking for an unusual iPhone case, however, you should make sure if stun guns are legal in your state before buying one.

2.     Brass Knuckles

Brass Knuckles is another self-defense iPhone case trending this year. This case features a set of brass knuckles protruding from the side of the shell. Since the case is made of plastic and not the actual brass, it is relatively harmless if you try it on someone. These cases are available in a variety of colors with speckled rhinestones that add a dramatic touch to your case’s appearance.

3.     Dokkiri Hand Case

Dokkiri hand case is an iPhone 4/4S case that seems odd and creepy. The Dokkiri Hand case has a silicon hand attached to the back of the phone that lets you intertwine your fingers with the pseudo hand while using your iPhone. This case is available in a kid’s hand size and a lady’s hand size to let you choose what suits you the best. Since the hand case usually obstructs the iPhone camera, you may have to remove the case to take photos.

If you are not a fan of wacky iPhone casings, check out our huge collection of leather cases and covers for iPhones.