4 Things You Need to Know About Smartphone Batteries May 22 2015

As the mobile phone market evolves, manufacturers are hard pressed to strike a balance between features and run time. Vendors are spending millions of dollars to improve battery designs in order to deliver more efficient batteries and improved user experience.

Managing the life of smartphone batteries is certainly one of the key concerns for phone owners. As the phones are getting bigger, processors are getting more powerful, and data networks getting faster, the demand for high quality batteries has increased more than ever. However, knowing what your battery needs, you can improve your battery life no matter which smartphone you carry.

1.     Your Battery Needs to Cool Down

Higher temperature affects the performance of your phone’s battery drastically. Warm weather can reduce your battery life more rapidly. It doesn’t mean that if you live in a warmer region, you will always have to suffer from poor battery life; rather, you can improve your battery life by keeping your phone away from sunlight and extremely hot places.

2.     Background Features May Eat Up Your Battery Charge

Bluetooth, LTE, GPS, Wifi are surely useful features, but if they are always on without being in use, they can kill your battery. For example, if you use LTE, keep it turned off when you are not using it because the more your phone searches for network, the more battery it uses. It is best to activate features only when in use to avoid overburdening your battery with excessive, unnecessary tasks.

3.     Overcharging Your Smartphone Battery is Fine

The Li-on battery used in smartphones works quite differently than the old nickel-cadmium batteries. Unlike old batteries, charging your Li-on battery even on partial discharge is completely fine. In fact, it is better to charge your phone whenever possible rather than letting the battery go down to zero. This can be helpful in preserving the overall life of the battery.

4.     Keeping Software and Apps Updated Can Save Your Battery Life

Your smartphone carries various software and apps that need frequent upgrading. Making sure that the software and apps in your phone are always up-to-date is one of the easiest ways to save your battery life. The updates can make your phone use lesser energy and thus improve your battery’s performance over time.

In addition to this, protect your phone using a good quality case or cover to prevent your battery from damage. To get leather covers and holsters, check out our collection now!