Galaxy S6 Edge Vs. iPhone 6 Plus May 23 2015

Last year, Samsung failed to impress with its Samsung Galaxy S5, while Apple rocked towards the end of 2014 with a complete redesign of iPhone 6. However, it was expected that this year Samsung would deliver an incredible riposte with the Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge and regain its image as a premium and innovative brand.

Thankfully, with Samsung’s S6’s release, the two giants are again head-to-head with much closer competition than ever before.

Design and Quality

With Galaxy S6 Edge, Samsung has left all its conventional design aspects behind in an attempt to create the same premium feel as iPhone 6 Plus.

By replacing the plastic back with glass and aluminum, Galaxy S6 Edge features far better design quality and structure which makes it closely match the luxurious feel of iPhone 6. Besides the material, close attention to details like the edges, seams, and the buttons is something for which Samsung needs real appreciation.

One of the major downsides of the Galaxy S6 Edge is that it no longer has a removable battery. But, it isn’t a great drawback compared to the iPhone which lacks this feature too. However, it does open up opportunities for other Android manufacturers to explore this option.


When you compare the screens, size is the most prominent difference. Galaxy S6 Edge features a larger screen. Moreover, the S6 Edge has been given QHD treatment and as a result features a sharper display than iPhone 6. There is also a difference in display technologies. The Apple 6 Plus uses LCD while Galaxy S6 Edge offers OLED which delivers impressive contrast ratio, more sharpness, good color accuracy as well as strong viewing angles.


If you compare the battery lives of the two, Samsung S6 Edge clearly beats iPhone 6 Plus. With its useful power saving mode, it restricts the battery draining features quite effectively so that you may use the phone a little longer.

In addition to this, both Galaxy S6 Edge and iPhone 6 Plus made no exception when it came to speakers. Although both offer average sound quality, Samsung speakers are louder when compared to iPhone 6.

Furthermore, both Apple and Samsung have done a great job with their cameras and hence are equal on this ground.

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