How to Save a Water Damaged Phone May 24 2015

Dropped your phone in the bath, or even worse, the toilet? Or dived in the swimming pool with your phone in the pocket? Don’t panic. If you take the right steps without dallying, you may save your phone. Here is what you can do.

Take the Phone Out of the Water Immediately

The microphone slot, USB port, and the charging aperture can allow water to enter into the phone in just a few seconds. Immersion for a longer period may be more damaging for your phone. Therefore, grab your phone and turn it off instantly.

If your phone is connected to a wall charger, avoid making any attempt to remove it from the water. Rather, seek a professional’s help immediately to take your phone out of the water safely. Since your phone is in direct contact with water as well as electricity, not taking the appropriate precautions may result in electric shock, causing harm both to yourself and your phone.

Dry Out Your Phone with Paper Towels or Soft Cloth

Once your phone is removed from the water, dry it out using paper towel or soft cloth. Since some covers may prevent water from entering into the internal parts of the handset, instant drying may prevent serious damage.

Remove Battery and SIM Card

After drying your phone with a paper towel, remove the battery and the SIM card from your phone. Most of us have some or all of our contacts stored in the SIM card, and saving it might thus be more important for you than the phone itself. Usually, SIM cards survive water damages well but taking it out immediately is always advisable.

Use a Vacuum Cleaner

Avoid using hair dryer as it may force moisture into the crevices and consequently reach the electrical components deep inside the handset. Alternatively, you can use a vacuum cleaner to draw the liquid out of the innermost parts of the phone. Remove the moisture holding the vacuum cleaner over the affected area for up to 20 minutes. This is the fastest and among the most effective ways to dry out your phone and make it operative within 30 minutes. Avoid holding the vacuum cleaner too close to your phone as it may produce static electricity which is more harmful for your device than the water.

Although water damages are reversible in many cases, it is better to keep your phone safe and secure using a proper cell phone case or cover. Check out our collection and get the most suitable case for your phone today!