Top iPhone Cases That Every Teen Loves May 25 2015

A recent survey indicated that teenagers are increasingly becoming the most lucrative market for iPhones. In a longitudinal study, out of 73% of teens who had claimed that their next phone would be an iPhone 61% bought iPhone the following month, which clearly highlights the popularity of the leading brand among teen phone users. It is not just the phone itself, but a huge variety of covers and cases as well that have grabbed the attention of teenagers.

If you are an iPhone owner, you have thousands of choices to enhance the look of your phone. Some covers are light and slim and protect your phone without adding weight to your pockets, while others are large and bulky but offer attractive features to boost the look and value of your phone. Unlike Android, iPhone devices are quite similar in size and shape and hence offer a set of universal phone cases. Let’s find out different options that teen iPhone users have to revamp the look of their phone.

Disney Character Cases

These cases are perfect for young girls. These plastic cases are flexible and can be installed easily to protect your phone from hard knocks and falls. Many of the cases come with attached belt holster which make them even more convenient to use and carry. With a huge variety in designs and characters, they can perfectly suit everyone’s style and preference.

Glittery iPhone Cases

Glitter not only adds dazzle to your glamorous iPhone, but renders an attention-grabbing style to the case, making it perfect for parties. The cover’s glitter coated inlay with smooth and clear finish keeps the shine protected while making it easy for you to slide your iPhone in and out of your purse or pocket without affecting its shimmer.

Disney Soft Cases

Soft rubber cases are typically made of silicon. These cases are flexible and easy to attach. Due to silicon’s high resistance to shocks and great durability, these cases can withstand falls, knocks, and thumps quite effectively. Moreover, silicon’s stronger grip allows you to handle your phone more conveniently while preventing them from slipping. They are available in a huge variety of designs and colors.

Printed Leather Cases

Printed, colorful leather cases add style and durability without compromising on the functions and ease of use. The cover’s soft touch material not just gives a luxury feel but also gives maximum protection from scratches, bumps, dirt, and other damages.

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