The Best Way to Apply a Screen Protector on Your Phone November 21 2015

For a major chunk of the population, buying a cell phone is a huge financial investment. In order to take optimum care of these sensitive electronic gadgets, every cell phone owner must have a good-quality cell phone case and a resilient screen protector. Knowing that the screen is the most sensitive and vulnerable part of a cell phone, shielding it with a solid layer to protect it against water, dust, and cracks is a good idea.

The sole purpose of a screen protector is to shield the LCD screen of smart phones from regular wear and tear. Screen protectors are thin, paper-like plastic sheets that are applied onto the screen. They are so see-through that one can hardly notice their presence on the screen. Ideal for long-term protection against scratches, marks, dust and water, screen protectors have become extremely important today.

Unlike how easy it seems, the application of a screen protector on your phone demands precision, care, and attention. Keep reading to embrace the step-by-step procedure of applying a screen protector over a phone’s screen:

Step#1 – Clean the Screen

Often, screen protectors come with a cleaning cloth that’s made up of microfiber. What you can do is utilize this cloth to wipe off any dust, grit, or grease that’s present on the screen of your phone. Make sure you clean every dust particle on it, particularly if it came out of the factory package. The most persistent problem that takes place while applying screen protectors is the formation of air bubbles that occur due to the presence of dust blots.

Step#2 – Prepare the Screen Protector

You should keep the cloth on the screen while you remove the screen protector from the packaging to prevent any dust from settling over it. Closely examining your screen protector and matching its configuration with your phone is also important. Look out for the cutouts to go with the alignments of the protector for your screen such as camera, trackball, light sensor etc.

Step#3 – Apply the Screen Protector

Now, remove the cloth and peel the sticky side of the screen protector from its pack. Smoothly bring it into line with your mobile screen and hold fast over it.

Step#4 – Add Finishing To It

There is a high probability that the air bubbles will form during the procedure. If you have a solid card such as a credit card or driver’s license card, use it to push out the air bubbles between the mobile screen and screen protector. If your screen protector lacks a second guard, slide the same cloth under the credit card/driver’s license card to avoid scratches. Once you are done, remove the second guard and you are good to go!

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