Here Is Why a Tempered Glass Screen Protector Is Better Than a Plastic One December 08 2015

You make a huge investment when you buy an iPhone 6s Plus, so isn’t it better if you protected the device as such? Case 123 recommends encasing the phone inside one of the many premium quality leather phone cases and holsters on offer, but providing protection to the screen also matters. After all, you’d want your display to be absolutely perfect and clear, but what to protect the screen with, i.e. a plastic screen protector or a tempered glass one?

Case 123 recommends the use of tempered glass screen protectors and here’s why:

More Durable than Plastic

This is one of the most important reasons to choose tempered glass screen protectors, as most of them are 2.5D (measure of how strong the material is) hardened. This means the chance of the phone’s display to get damaged with keys or coins in the pocket are slim to none. Tempered glass screen protectors are also incredibly shock resistant and can withstand even the sharpest scratches. In the case of severe falls, your actual display screen will remain intact even if the glass covering it’s smashed to pieces.

Much Better Feel than Plastic

Tempered glass will be like a glass layer on top that feels almost non-existent when you touch it. Moreover, the feel remains the same for a long time because of its durable quality which makes this screen protector superior to conventional plastic.

Easier To Clean than Plastic

The Scratch Guard becomes much harder to clean as it accumulates scratches on the screen as time passes. On the other hand, grease stains and fingerprints are easy to clean on glass tempered screen protectors, with the help of a soft and lint-free cloth as most tempered glass screen protectors come with an oleophopic coating which makes this easy to do.

Greater Outdoor Visibility than Plastic

Whatever the type of scratch guard (glossy or matte finish), the outdoor visibility of your device will still be badly affected. You won’t have to face this issue with tempered glass however, as if installed properly, the protector won’t show any glare and visibility compared to the plastic screen cover will still be better.

So, make sure to have a tempered glass screen protector installed on your new smart-phone and while you’re at it, have the device encased in a leather iPhone 6s phone holster by Case 123 because why not have protection along with style?