How Clip-Type Phone Cases Are Helpful December 09 2015

Available for a large range of smart-phones, you can buy clip type phone cases very easily from Case 123. How are they any different from other types of phone cases and holsters? There’s a world of difference, as the iPhone belt holster or clip type phone case allows the phone to be attached to the belt, waistband or another item, which helps with easy transportation and other advantages, which are:


Flexibility and transportation is the over-riding benefit that prompts users to buy this type of phone case from Case 123. While it may seem desirable and obvious to keep the phone always in hand but carrying a handset, especially one as expensive and big as the iPhone 6s Plus, can become incredibly irritating and tiresome. Attaching the phone to the belt or waistband using an iPhone belt holster is more convenient as doing so will free your second hand.


The number one use of mobile phones is keeping constant connection with the world but when you place the phone inside a bag or briefcase, that connection might weaken or stopped altogether due to bad network signals. Using an iPhone belt holster will keep the device in a more open environment, therefore increasing the WIFI or phone network tenfold. This means that you’ll have a constant and consistent connectivity with the rest of the world and your loved ones.


Mobile phone users, who place their devices in bags or even pockets, complain of how difficult it’s to know when the phone’s ringing, if not on ring and vibration mode. Even when people know it’s ringing, finding the phone inside a cluttered bag is a hassle at best. Carrying your phone, attached to the belt or waistband will make the device readily available and accessible even when you are driving.

Helps Enable Connections with External Devices

With many phone cases, users face trouble when trying to connect wired headphones and microphones, but clip-type phone cases by Case 123 can resolve this issue very easily! All you’ll have to do is clip the device to a point at which the wire can easily reach the connection and work, if for example the wire is too short. This feature is extremely helpful when you’re on the move and keeping the phone at one position is important.    

Now that you know the many advantages of this type of phone case, be sure to purchase one for your iPhone 6s, as Case 123 has clip-type cases and iPhone belt holsters in a variety of designs that’ll make the phone look even better.