Reasons Why iPhone Wins Over Android? December 10 2015

We at Case 123 compared the new and fresh 2015 models of both the iPhone and Android phones, after which we came to this conclusion that iPhone definitely wins over Android devices.

Apple overcame the areas where Android performed better and gave the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus to the world with an upgraded experience that came by combining with the i0S 8. While many Android phones managed to close this gap by bringing in amazing features and cameras, Apple and iPhone still took the crown and here’s why:    

iPhone Apps Are Better Looking

While some of the most popular mobile applications can be found on both the platforms, many top apps and games still find their way first on Android. The only application that can’t be found anywhere on Android is the recently introduced Spotify Running for iPhone. If the applications available on both the platforms are compared, we saw some obvious and better changes in the design for iPhone versions.

Fast iPhone Updates for All

No matter what carrier they use, iPhone users enjoy regular and fast i0S updates, while Android software updates sometimes take months to arrive on all the devices and models. You will have to wait for a new smartphone device just to get the latest software update once your Android phone becomes 18 months old.

Synchronizes Well With All Devices

Your information will flow smoothly from device to device with iPhone, but the other devices should be of Apple as well. With an Apple device (iPhone, iPad, and Mac), you’ll be able to sync your photos and videos quickly to the other devices, answer phone calls on the iPad or Mac and even send text messages!

Apple Care+ iPhone Warranty

When you purchase an iPhone 6s or another model, Apple will offer its warranty (for $99) that’ll automatically extend the 2 year manufacturer’s warranty and will add two years of accidental damage support/coverage. While this service can only be bought, most Android phones don’t even come with this kind of coverage.

Worth More When You Resell

There’s no doubt about it that your iPhone 5 will hold better value than even the newest Android phone when the time comes to resell it. In fact, most people do just that! They resell their iPhones, add in a little more and get the newest model in the market. The same cannot be done with an Android phone, even from a flagship dealer.

Now that’s settled, will you be standing in line for the newest iPhone that’s rumored to arrive in 2016? Don’t forget to have it encased in one of Case 123’s oversized holsters for smartphones! iphone 6s leather case