Leather Care: Points to Consider December 11 2015

Your iPhone 6s Plus’s leather holster must surely have a lot of advantages, but one thing that cannot be denied is the damage that can incur and usually does. Leather holsters are more susceptible to wear and tear as compared to other holsters. Extending the life of your phone’s leather holster is actually very easy, once you take the following basic points of leather care into consideration.

Keep the Leather Case Clean

It’s as simple as this. Dust, sweat, dirt, or even blood can damage leather holsters especially if exposed for a long time. This is why keeping the accessory dry and clean is the first basic rule to follow and which extends the life of leather holsters. You can use a soft rag to give the holster a regular wipe down but sometimes a good leather care product should also be used.

Your best bet for a smooth and glossy finish would be a bar of glycerin soap or a product specially designed to clean leather phone cases and holsters.

Dry the Holster Properly

Mold and other problems might cling to the leather holster if exposed to moisture, so it’s important to keep holsters perfectly dry. Remember: Not to over dry the leather holster and never use artificial heat as that’ll damage the leather even further.

This means placing them on air vents or using a blow dryer on the leather holster is a big NO! Instead, the iPhone 6s case holster should be placed in a dry place (moderate temperature) and allowed to dry on its own time.

Keep Animals Away

This may seem strange but animals with sharp teeth are attracted to anything that is leather (or whatever material actually). If you have dogs or parrots as pets, keep your leather holster away from them, as they can gnaw on it. It’s quite possible to save your iPhone 6s plus’s leather case holster from becoming your pet’s favorite chew toy!

Have Minor Scratches on the Phone’s Leather Case?

Constant use of the phone may cause minor scratches and scuff marks to appear on the leather casing. These can be fixed in an easy manner! Take your forefinger and rub lightly across the scuff marks. You’ll notice the marks beginning to disappear on the phone’s leather case.

If you haven’t yet invested in a high quality and durable leather case for your iPhone 6s just because you think it’ll be difficult to keep it clean and well maintained, then do so now from Case 123!