Touch Screen Cleaning: Dos and Don’ts December 13 2015

You won’t be needing any special cleaning implements, kit or cleaning solution when it comes to taking care of your iPhone 6s Plus. In fact, cleaning the touch screen of your phone is not only simple and easy; you can also do a cracking job with just the basic cleaning stuff, i.e. a clean and soft lint free cloth. Yet, there’re some dos and don’ts that Case 123 have highlighted below:

What to Do When Cleaning a Touch Screen

The process is fairly simple and includes:

  • Remember to turn off the device. Doing so is a good idea if there’s going to be anything liquid involved in the cleaning, and you will also be able to see the dirt more easily. Wipe across the touch screen (either vertically or horizontally) in one repeating motion/direction using the cloth. Move the cloth a bit lower and repeat the step again, thereby cleaning the entire screen.
  • Use plain water (but only if it’s absolutely needed and in a small quantity) and make one corner of the cloth slightly damp. Now use that part to clean the screen again. If grime refuses to come off, use rubbing motions (in a small circle) on the screen.  

What Not To Do When Cleaning a Touch Screen

Following are the don’ts which will do more harm than good to your iPhone 6s Plus’s touch screen.

  • Using harsh chemicals is highly discouraged (Windex, anything with ammonia and alcohol based cleaning solutions). Only plain water should be used on the cloth (only if necessary).
  • Touch screens are extremely sensitive due to which using abrasive cloths, paper towels, or tissue paper is frowned by Case 123 and Apple. Scratches can grow over time and damage/dull the screen, which is why always use a microfiber cloth or a soft lint free one that’s specially designed for cleaning sensitive touch screens and surfaces.
  • Refrain from using a large amount of water when cleaning the touch screen. Instead, make the cloth slightly damp instead of putting the liquid directly on the phone or screen. Remember to completely shut down your device first as any water or even slight moisture can damage the electronics of the smart-phone.
  • Last but not the least; when cleaning the touch screen, don’t press too hard as that might damage the device.

Taking care of your iPhone 6s Plus will extend its life and serve well as an investment, plus it isn’t so hard to do if encased in a premium quality leather phone case or holster by Case 123. So, don’t wait and buy one here!