CASE123® MPS Classic Leather Belt Clip Holsters

The MPS Classic Leather Belt Clip Holster Series has been the staple of our CASE123® collections.  The iconic design with strong magnetic flap ensures 360-degree of protection and easy access to your precious device.  The 24-position swivel belt clip is an essential feature to accustom to your most comfortable carrying position.  All MPS Classic Leather Holsters are made with premium grade genuine leather to provide the unmistaken luxury feel.  Whether you are using your device case-less or with the most advanced rugged case, the series offers large variety of dimensions and finished to fit your need.

Leather holsters are fast gaining prevalence in the phone industry due to their unmistakable luxurious feel. The variety of available holsters in this category continues to increase, with manufacturers even offering options like an otterbox commuter holster for those who carry their device in famous otterbox commuter case for added safety.

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