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When it comes to smartphone cases, diversity has become the name of the game. Thousands of manufacturers, including the big names like Incipio, Tech21, and Lifeproof, offer a huge variety of options for pretty much every modern-age smartphone under the sun. From sports cases designed to give off a hip vibe, to multipurpose oversized holsters for smartphones to carry around with you, the available options are almost limitless these days.

Popular Smartphone Cases

While the available options are too many to count, there are some categories of cases which are leaps and bounds ahead of the rest in terms of popularity. One such item is the recently-popular leather belt holster. Offering a convenient hands-free alternative to phone cases, these holsters are available in high quality leather that makes for a luxurious feel. Those who own a Samsung Galaxy, HTC, or iPhone 5 device would be well-advised to try out this new breed of smartphone cases.


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